Internal Family Systems therapy focuses on patients suffering with depression, anxiety and phobias

February 18 18:40 2019
Vaughan-based talk therapy provides help for individuals with mental health issues.

One in five Canadians will personally experience a mental health issue in 2019, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Although more people are understanding the harmful effects untreated mental health issues can have on one’s psyche, there are still millions of Canadians who go without getting the assistance they need.

Vaughan-based psychotherapist and mental health counsellor Alexandra Gusinsky has worked with a wide range of mental health patients. One therapy she offers patients is Internal Family Systems therapy to treat mental illnesses such as depression anxiety, and phobias. IFS was developed in the 1990s to treat individuals, couples, and families, and Alexandra Gusinsky believes the therapy can do wonders for patients.

Alexandra Gusinsky administers the talk therapy to identify and understand specific sub-personalities or families that form a person’s internal mental system. Once she identifies these areas, Gusinsky is able to help patients acknowledge their feelings and suppressed emotions. Patients can then find ways to express these feelings to address the problem.

IFS unlock the three sub-personalities in patients. The sub-personalities include:

  • Exiles: the parts of individuals that have been affected by trauma, abuse, or other negative experiences,
  • Managers: elements that protect the individual by keeping the exiles suppressed, and
  • Firefighters: elements that distract the individuals from the pain of exiles that are not suppressed, or that are released.

“IFS is based on the idea that we have a core Self and it is the essence of who each of us is,” Alexandra Gusinsky said. “Although the Self is unharmed and intact, our life experiences have resulted in us losing faith in our core being and developing an increasing reliance on our sub-personalities.”

According to Gusinsky, there are three goals to IFS. The treatment aims to first free the parts from the individual’s extreme roles. Secondly, IFS restore trust in the Self. Finally, it coordinates and harmonizes the Self and the parts, so they can work together allowing the Self to be in charge.

Gusinsky has extensive IFS training and can help individuals suffering with mental health issues. Individuals will learn to cope more effectively with conflicts from their past experiences and will learn ways to cope with future conflicts during their sessions.

About Alexandra Gusinsky

Alexandra Gusinsky is a registered psychotherapist (Qualifying) and counsellor for mental health in Vaughan. She uses various forms of therapy to treat patients. Each patient is different and Gusinsky chooses the therapy best suited to an individual’s unique needs, personality, and circumstances.

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