The Cryptocurrency Industry’s Biggest Disrupter Of 2019? Why TuneTrade is set to earn the title

March 12 21:40 2019

March 12, 2019 – It’s almost standard in the tech world for every start-up to call themselves an industry disrupter, and that’s unfortunate because when used correctly it really is the perfect word to describe a company people will come to talk about in terms of how things were before, and after they were created.

As the buzzwords ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’ became more common, time and time again we would watch news outlets track down an expert to explain “how it all works” – but 9 out of 10 times that expert would overestimate the technical literacy of the average viewer, and the host.

If just trying to explain the process of storing, sending, or receiving a cryptocurrency left the average person confused – imagine how hard it is to explain the infinitely more complex process of creating one.

Explaining ‘how to create a cryptocurrency‘ is better suited for a college class where you could return daily for several months, then maybe you could consider yourself a ‘beginner’. So unless you were an engineer/coder, or had the money to hire a team of them, creating a cryptocurrency was simply out of reach for most people and small businesses.

That is – before TuneTrade!

With the launch of TuneTrade creating a cryptocurrency becomes a simple, quick process – choose a name, choose how many coins to make now, how many will ever exist, and press a button – you’ve just launched your own cryptocurrency! The entire complex process of writing a smart contract and creating a new token on the blockchain becomes as simple as point-and-click.

This isn’t a toy, it’s the real deal – the cryptocurrency created is a real ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The creator also maintains full ownership and control over everything.

The next challenging part of launching a new cryptocurrency is getting it listed on exchanges so the public can actually trade it – that’s just a click away as well, because TuneTrade is both a token creation and token exchange platform in one!

From there the use cases are endless, there are ways everyone from musicians, to retail stores, restaurants, online storefronts, tech startups, nonprofits can implement a token into their business model, and stand out from their competition.

In fact, one of the most exciting things will be discovering how people are choosing to use their coins, now that the power to have one is in everyone’s hands.

You may be thinking “even if a small business can easily create a cryptocurrency, they won’t know what to do next” – TuneTrade has that covered too, the platform will match those who need help with a mentor to guide them along the way.

Most startups in the cryptocurrency world kick off with an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ – this means they sell some of their first coins off to investors, then they build whatever they promised.  This is where many have fallen short, some from years ago are still (supposedly) under construction, others just disappeared with the investor’s cash.

Not TuneTrade – with no ICO the platform is already online, and already in beta testing! Currently, you can even create a token, but it won’t go out to the Ethereum blockchain until their official launch.

The anticipation and excitement in the cryptocurrency community for their big launch is unheard of, and TuneTrade has been rewarding the public for helping with testing everything out by giving away tokens instead of selling them!

Nearly 80,000 people already hold their first TXT tokens, the official TuneTrade cryptocurrency which will power the platform.

Speaking of TXT, while new cryptocurrencies have struggled to get listed on major exchanges with many saying their emails go unanswered, TuneTrade is having the opposite experience – top exchanges have reached out to them, and they say they’ll be making an announcement very soon!

You can still become one of the early users. It’s free to join, so take a look and keep up with the latest at

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