TOR-X NETWORK LTD launches the private sale for TOR-X

March 12 22:03 2019

Unique Ecosystem for decentralized cross-chain exchange, TOR-X NETWORK, announces the launch of the private node sale of the TOR-X Token

TOR-X Network is a unique ecosystem that is looking to use the blockchain technology to create a tool for seamless cross-chain exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Eos, and other digital currencies. In line with its goal of literally liberating the world of digital currency, TOR-X NETWORK has announced the sale of the TOR-X token in a private sale, as part of the aim of offering more than 100,000 TPS network speed to satisfy the growing market requirements.

The digital currency space has evolved over the years and while technology and even financial experts have described cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as a whole as the future of not only the financial system but several other industries. The likes of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies as well as other tokens have particularly substantiated the claim of the blockchain technology being the future. The increasing popularity of digital currency has led to the emergence of several crypto exchanges, allowing people to trade their holdings while making some money off the digital currency space. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency space has been plagued with several challenges. This is where TOR-X Network is looking to make a difference with the launch of its unique ecosystem.

TOR-X Network aims to solve a plethora of problems including creating a tool for seamless cross-chain exchange with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Eos, and other blockchains and reaching 100,000 TPS network speed to satisfy growing market requirements. Other problems that the innovation is looking to solve include anonymous and traceable transactions for various business applications, and Node and super node title redistribution controlled by Multi-Criteria Decision Making Neural Network.

The private node sale is part of the network’s goals of making every interested person become a part of the digital revolution that will change the cryptocurrency space for a very long time. Holding the token offered by the secure cross-chain exchange solution also comes with an additional income-earning benefit, allowing holders of the node to earn passive income.

The private node sale will be offering 29% of the TOR-X Token to interested persons with the major initial coin offering taking 28% of the distribution. Another major part of the TOR-X Ecosystem is the TOR-X DEX iDApp architecture, which is focused on building machine learning algorithms instead of pre-coded business logic, as this approach is standard in the digital and financial industries nowadays.

More information about the TOR-X token and the innovative ecosystem can be found on the website and Whitepaper. TOR-X is also available across several social media platforms including LinkedIn, Telegram, and Twitter.


TOR-X NETWORK is an innovation ecosystem for decentralized cross-chain exchange. TOR-X team consists of a team of experts from different parts of the world to drive the revolutionary blockchain idea.

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