Cheetahquick Hosting Affordable Web Hosting Becomes A Big Hit With Small Business Owners

May 01 21:01 2019
Hosting packages start from as $5.61 per month helping personal websites and business website stay online at all times. The build your own website starts from $10.15 and requires no technical knowledge

One of the biggest problems website owners face is finding an affordable web hosting company for their website, the second problem is finding a hosting company that has a reputation of minimal downtime; Cheetahquick is that company.

Millions of small business owners don’t have a website, and one of the reasons for that is down to the cost of running a website. Now, thanks to Cheetahquick that is no longer a problem. The second reason why so many small businesses don’t have a website is the cost of having one built. A website can cost from $1000 but now thanks to Cheetahquick and their build your own website package that is also not a problem.

Cheetahquick offers a build your website package from just $10.15 a month and the good news is, no technical knowledge is required. The package is easy to use, and people can choose from hundreds of designs to build their own professional website.

The build your own website package is helping small business all over the world to increase their revenue by promoting their products and services online. Those who thought they didn’t have a budget for a website do know with the new package.

When asked why the new build your own package is an important service, a spokesman for Cheetahquick: “Not everyone can afford to spend a thousand dollars to have a website built, there are small businesses out there that are struggling and need extra revenue to survive. Our build your website package allows any type of business from a window cleaner to a stall holder to afford their own website.”

This new build your own website puts all businesses on a level playing field. No longer do small business owners have to missing out on revenue that potential customers online could be spending with them.

To learn more about the build your own website package and to see how easy it is to use, please visit

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