Polar Permaculture By Benjamin Vidmar Is All Set To Gain New Heights

December 06 21:37 2019

The Polar permaculture formulated by Benjamin Vidmar is all set to gain new heights with their increasing prospects and growing community in the recent future.

The aims and principles of the Polar Permaculture have been well received worldwide. The primary focus of this venture is to cultivate food near the North Pole and allow their fresh produces to reach everyone in need of them. The idea and delineation of the Polar Garden first came into existence in the year 2013 at Longyearbyen. Since then, they are growing high with their awesome work policies. The focus of this permaculture group is to ensure sustainable growth for Longyearbyen by gradually escalating the production in the area. They also work for composting most of the organic waste produced during the entire mechanism. This project is more likely to reflect many positive environmental changes with reduced waste consumption over time. Moreover, plastic will be wholly eliminated; thereby, opening doors to successfully achieve the goal of being a zero-waste company. If you are looking for more information about this mission and its scopes, you can visit and explore Polar Permaculture at https://www.polarpermaculture.com/.

No surprise to say that the demand for 100% Local  food is increasing by the day. This Benjamin Vidmar’s project proves that the world is swiftly moving towards this life-altering recourse. Being a chef himself, Benjamin wants to enhance the availability of locally grown food while lowering the import activities in the area. Important to mention that Polar Permaculture recently finished a Feasibility study in collaboration with Mr. Franz Schreier of EBF, Germany. The company is now looking forward to receiving funding to scale up this operation.

Benjamin Vidmar has voiced his opinion about this dream project and stated that “If we can do this project here in the North Pole, then it can be done anywhere! Our mission comprises attaining 10% of the total local greens produced by the year 2021, reach at least 50% of local greens cultivated in the area by 2030, and grow 100% of the food that we presently import from the mainland. Also, we would appreciate all forms of help initiated from your part; so, if you live in or around Longyearbyen, contact us. We warmly welcome volunteers regardless of skill levels because, with our ‘rotation of roles’ strategy, you will get acquainted with all the skills you need.”

About Polar Permaculture:

Polar Permaculture is an urban garden set up by Benjamin Vidmar and was conceived out of the urgent need to look for the freshest and locally grown crops in Longyearbyen. Since then, the founder has been working towards the upliftment of the same and as the head chef of Svalbard Pub. Alongside this endeavor, he has also been experimenting with composting and its usages to reduce shipments and interventions of fertilizers introduced through import.

In order to know more about this project, we asked a few questions from Benjamin Vidmar.

Q. What inspired you to launch this project?

A. I was inspired by my biggest foodie heroes, My grandmother and mother to seek out the freshest ingredients possible. Both of them were serious about food and it carried over to me. Having fresh food is very difficult near the north pole, and I set out to change that and have the freshest food possible. Polar Permaculture came out of my pursuit for the freshest food possible!

Q. How your past experiences are contributing to lead this project?

A. I grew up in Cleveland, OH which is a foodie city. Everyone is very proud of their cuisine and want to share it with others. I remember going to the westside market daily to get great food. I want to make fresh food accessible to people living in remote locations. If we can do it here, then it surely can be done anywhere.

Q. What kind of support you expect from the volunteers in the area?

A. It all depends on the experience of the volunteers. People can support us with garden work, growing, office work, set up and also with growing the company. We are a small dynamic company and we owe much of our growth to the support we received from volunteers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Polar Permaculture Solutions, AS
Contact Person: Benjamin L. Vidmar
Email: Send Email
Phone: +47 469 548 75
Address:Postboks 1025 9171
City: Longyearbyen
State: Svalbard
Country: Norway
Website: https://www.polarpermaculture.com/