Ramone to Impress the Audience with a New Single “Change”

December 06 21:38 2019

Time to get back to the 80’s with the timeless pop song “Change” by Ramoné.

If you are fed up with the heavy beats and too loud music collections of this era, Ramoné is here to take you back to the 80’s era with his new single. Yeah! We are talking about the upcoming release “Change” from this famous artist. It is basically a timeless pop song that will motivate the present audience to take a deep dive into the beauty of 80’s music collections.

This song is written as well as produced by Ramoné. The idea behind this amazing release is inspired by the era when MTV was not focused on reality; rather, it used to entertain the public with music. People who have gone through that time may definitely love to revisit. And it is a great opportunity for the current generation as well to enjoy the beauty of that era. Although you cannot move to that time physically, this music release will help you feel those vibes once again in your life. Thanks to Ramoné for this audible trip to the memory lane with his upcoming release, “Change.”

This aspiring artist has won the heart of millions of listeners around the world in the past few years. During a recent interview, Ramoné said: “my new release “Change” received radio airplay on a local radio station after its submission to 97.1 ZHT iHeartRadio. I did this submission recently, along with Jess and Frankie.” He also added that the song received positive feedback from the station.

The journey of this upcoming music artist doesn’t stop here; he is also planning to release one more album in the middle of 2020 by the name “Art.” It will also touch the emotions of all music lovers around the world.

In order to know more about Ramoné and his latest collections, you can visit his social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify. You can find his upcoming release “Change” at https://ditto.fm/change-ramone.


Ramoné is a famous songwriter and producer who has a huge fan base in the music industry. He has released many impressive albums till now with the awesome mix of rock and pop. This time he is trying to take the audience on the 80’s memory-lane with his latest song “Change.” The audience should also get ready to enjoy another album from Ramoné in the year 2020 that is entitled “Art.”

In order to know more about Ramoné and his love for music, we asked a few questions from him.

Q. What inspired you to create a song that is inspired by the 80’s era?

A. 80’s music has just always been close to my heart. It’s my mom’s fault. She played a lot of it around my crib when I was a baby, which was in the 90’s. It just makes me feel nostalgic and it feels easier to express a lot of different feelings and topics.

Q. What should the audience expect from your upcoming album “Art”?

A. Expect fun. Expect freedom. Expect strength and growth. However, the main theme to keep in mind that constantly revolves as you listen is that “you never know exactly who a person is until they show you just who they are.”

Q. What is your message to your fans around the world?

A. Wherever you are, I love you and can’t do it without you.

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