Shuimu Induction Reveals The Advantages Of Its Induction Heating Machine

July 26 18:30 2021
Shuimu Induction Reveals The Advantages Of Its Induction Heating Machine
Shuimu Induction shares the advantages of its induction heating machine.

Shuimu Induction, the professional induction heating equipment manufacturer has unveiled the advantages of buying its induction heating machine. The company stands apart because of its 20 years plus experience in induction heating equipment manufacturing.

“If you want to know what are the advantages of induction heating machine, we have provided all the details on our site,” says the spokesperson for Shuimu Induction. “There are several advantages of buying our product. Apart from performance benefits, you can also enjoy a host of other features with our brand.”

The MYD Proheat300 Portable Induction heater from Shuimu Induction is designed for rapid preheating-welding, coating, and thermal assembly.

MYD Proheat300 20, 30, 40KW Portable Heater finds application in motor casing thermal assembly, shaft coupling thermal assembly and disassembly, welding, painting, bending, coating, hot-fitting, and pipe fabrication rapid heating.

The key advantages of the Shuimu Induction heating machine include heat conduction, energy conservation, and environmental protection. The machine is designed to deliver quick and uniform heating. It is easy to operate and can deliver a stable performance consistently. The machine comes with safe to move low-temperature induction coil instead of ceramic pads found in other similar systems.

Shuimu Induction Heating Machines can be used in a variety of other heavy-duty applications as well. These include pipe preheating, pipe flange weld heat treatment, preheat processes, steel plate weld preheating, and more.

The induction preheat SMD300 offers rapid heating of up to 300℃. This SMD series induction heating system is digitally operated. Operators can set the heating temperature and time to match their application needs. The main applications are weld joint heating, shrink fitting, heating removing, and thermal assembly.

Shuimu Induction heating machines are in huge demand in industries associated with pipeline construction, bridge construction, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, shipbuilding, and offshore platform construction.

When compared to ceramic pads powered heating system, the Shuimu Induction heating machines offers rapid heating. The induction heating is done by the metal in the magnetic field heating itself. It hence offers the benefit of direct heating which is around eight times quicker and also saves 20-80% energy than the ceramic heating pads. The heating system is ideal for industries that have rapid heating needs such as motor casing, shaft thermal assembly and disassembly, and others.

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About Shuimu Induction:

Qingdao Shuimu Induction Equipment Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high-quality induction heating machines for use in metal weld heating, post-weld heat treatment, thermal assembly, fluid heating, and non-ferrous metal melting furnaces design and manufacturing. The company has many certificates including ISO, EC Certificate MYD, patents, and others.

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