Louisville Ceramic Coating Designed To Replace Short Term Wax Coatings

October 22 18:04 2021
CT-Detailing offers a product that has characteristics far more effective than traditional paste waxes. Repairing paint problems or providing long-lasting paint protection is possible with the expertise and cutting-edge products.

CT-Detailing (Ceramic Coating) and Cory Turley are pleased to announce that the Louisville ceramic coating process is part of the range of products and services available from the company. The ceramic coating process is provided by certified installers who are highly trained. They are prepared to apply the coating to any vehicle, regardless of age or condition. The ceramic paint coating protects paint for a long time, unlike wax products. Ceramic protects the vehicle for many years and adds ten times more shine.

The professional-grade coatings have the ability to keep the automobile cleaner much longer. The coating increases the lifespan of the paint and adds an unparalleled shine. It is relatively easy to apply and provides a self-cleaning effect. The coating offers UV and chemical resistance and prevents ugly water spotting.  The protection can last as long as six to twelve months.

Further characteristics and details can be seen at https://www.ct-detailing.com/

Among vehicle owners, ceramic coatings have been growing in popularity. The coating is a multi-layer, liquid product that is professionally applied to the vehicle. It provides a durable glass barrier to environmental hazards. Ceramic doesn’t replace the existing clear coat but will reinforce the durability of the clear coat and provide additional protection.  The technicians expertly apply the ceramic layer to the exterior of the vehicle. The result is a glossy smooth finish with hydrophobic properties. The coated vehicle has added protection from dirt, debris, and microscopic dangers.

CT-Detailing has the equipment and trained technicians to provide a variety of automobile detailing services. The detailing applies to automobiles, as well as recreational vehicles and boats. The shop can take care of motorcycles and semi-trucks as well. There are several different detailing plans available, both for interiors and exteriors. The full-service shop under the ownership of Cory Turley has been serving Louisville, Kentucky customers for more than a decade. 

About the Company: 

CT-Detailing (Ceramic Coating) has a decade and more of operation in Louisville. The company has the equipment and expertise to apply ceramic coatings. The company also has several different detailing plans. 

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