Mike Kruzich Just Became The #1 Chrome Dino Player On The Planet, Invited To Join FaZe Clan

October 22 18:19 2021
Mike Kruzich is a TikTok star who has grown his TikTok account to almost 3 million followers in under a year. He posts unbelievable true stories on his account, but his real passion is playing Chrome Dino.
He started playing one day when his internet stopped working. He accidently hit the space bar and was shocked to find out there was a hidden game.
“I played it for hours” Mike Kruzich said. “I got addicted.”
Once he got good he started live-streaming his game play on TikTok. He is one of the top livestreamers on TikTok with millions of unique viewers every week.
Now through much trial, tribulation, & perseverance, he has become the #1 Chrome Dino Player on the planet.
“Going pro has always been my dream.” Mike Kruzich says. “But I never imagined FaZe Clan would invite me to join.”
FaZe Clan, an esports team, has invited him to join, but Mike says he declined. He said they weren’t hardcore gamers like him. He didn’t want them to ruin his image by associating with gamers like them.
As of right now he will continue to stream on TikTok and wait for the right opportunity to arise.
He currently is one of the top live streamers on TikTok with over one million daily watchers.

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