Singapore’s Best-Trained Doctors Come Together To Provide Free Medical Information On New Educational Portal

October 22 19:08 2021

Singapore’s best-trained medical practitioners have come together to help the man on the street cut through the noise, by offering their expertise on a newly-launched medical information website tailored to an Asian audience.

The influences of cultural background, lifestyle, diet, and genetics mean that Asian patients will experience different medical conditions, and with that – have specialised concerns and questions that only Asian doctors understand. Recognising this, some of Singapore’s internationally-trained medical specialists have come together on AsiaMD to field – and even pre-empt – some of the most commonly-asked questions from their patients.

Can colorectal cancer be averted with a clean diet and healthy lifestyle? Do shingles develop because of “heatiness”? Will a pregnant woman benefit from drinking more coconut juice? The answers to these questions, and more, can be found on AsiaMD, as well as information on:

  • the latest cutting-edge cancer treatments
  • how to recognise early signs and symptoms of cancer
  • how a wide variety of medical conditions are diagnosed

Fact-Checked And Edited By Medical Doctors

Deeply mindful that many may have questions regarding the ongoing pandemic, readers can also find scientifically backed data about COVID-19, the latest government measures, and information about travelling to Singapore. Each article is fact-checked and edited by a medical specialist on  AsiaMD’s panel before publication.

Many of the esteemed MDs on the panel have been trained overseas at the world’s best medical institutions. They have attended prestigious establishments such as Mayo Clinic, Duke University School of Medicine, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, where they were trained to deliver the latest medical advances science has to offer. Having applied their expertise across years of service at top specialist hospitals and clinics in Asia, they now share their experience and localised knowledge on AsiaMD.

Make Appointments With Our Panelists

The information on the AsiaMD portal is by no means exhaustive or specific to individuals. If a reader is unable to find the information they seek, they would most likely benefit from a personal consultation with our panelist doctors. AsiaMD is happy to arrange medical appointments for readers without additional fees. As our panel of experts are not affiliated to any hospital or government organisation, they are at liberty to recommend the most suitable medical care for patients if another specialist is better placed to provide treatment.

Readers can write to [email protected] or interact with our virtual healthcare coordinator on AsiaMD to ask for an appointment with a medical specialist. To suggest medical topics for the site, please write to [email protected].


For more information, please contact Ethan +65 97648732 and e-mail [email protected]



  • AsiaMD is tailored to the Asian reader
  • Articles are fact-checked and edited by Singapore’s top medical specialists
  • Readers can make appointments to see these specialists via AsiaMD
  • AsiaMD’s specialists are independent medical practitioners and will advise patients to see the most suitable doctor for their condition, even if the second doctor works at a different hospital

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