Historic Randell Mills email confirming the “end of work on Earth and in Space” to be sold as minted NFT

November 23 18:30 2021

The founder of Brilliant Light Power recently shared his discovery that humanoid robots can operate using energy cells that produce continuous, inexhaustible electric power from the creation of Hydrinos – which Mills claims is Dark Matter – a development that could render manual labour obsolete. 

The amazing moment that energy pioneer Randell Mills shared his discovery that will enable the “end of work” worldwide has been bottled up and preserved as an NFT.

Mills, the founder of Brilliant Light Power, recently confirmed that humanoid robots (e.g. Tesla’s Optimus Subprime) can operate 24/7, 365 days a year without recharging by installing TPV SunCells – which convert brilliant light into DC electric current.

The announcement may signal the conclusion of human labour as we know it – with robots capable of completing work at almost zero cost without recharging. It also recalls the words of Elon Musk who claimed that one day “in the future, physical work will be a choice.”

Mills shared the news via an email – which has now been preserved for posterity in a minted NFT by Elizabeth Jane – a  woman living on the west coast of Tasmania who corresponded with Mills.

Elizabeth Jane asked: “What do you do if you send your robot to the supermarket to do some shopping and he runs out of power in the store? That would be the Achilles’ heel of humanoid robots: They would need constant recharging. This is the big problem that Randell Mills’ TPV Sun Cell solves.”

TPV cells are thermo-photovoltaic cells and they convert the intense and brilliant light produced by Brilliant Light Power’s Sun Cells into continuous DC power like any common solar cell. But because the light produced by the Sun Cells is so intense special PV cells have to be used.

The NFT is listed for sale under Collectibles/Events on Mintable – a site where anyone can mint, own, buy or sell NFTs – at a starting bid of ETH20 or “buy it now” price of ETH1,000.

As a collectible, the NFT is expected to fetch a much higher price in future – capturing a moment in time that revealed a potentially world-altering development. 

All contents of the e-letter correspondence is copyright-transferable and re-sellable. 

View the NFT on Mintable here.

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