Immense Techs cites the need for therapists to practice and integrate a data-driven approach

July 01 22:14 2022
Immense Technologies weighs in on why data-driven therapy is the future of mental health care and how it leads the way in providing treatment that is accurate and personalized.

As data becomes a powerful tool to improve outcomes in therapy, industry leader Immense Techs, a leading company based in Canada, stressed the importance clinically informative data-driven approach and support tools in mental health therapy.

“Over the past years, technology has redefined the way we live. The advancement of data capture, networks, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have revolutionized our world. In fact, therapy is benefitting from this tech boom. We see that an integrated data-driven approach to therapy is indispensable,” Miguel Rabi of Immense Techs explains.

In fact, the National Institutes of Health cites studies showing that for practice to be ethical, it is critical that it is supported by the relevant data. Utilizing empirical evidence diminishes opinion-based bias of identifying only successes. When therapists practice it correctly, evidence-based mental health therapy can complement clinical expertise when making decisions.

Immense Techs, for example, provides a non-pharmacological treatment for mental health and cognitive conditions. It offers an Insightful Cognitive Profile based on the patient’s brain activity, which is helpful in starting treatment progress with data-driven leads.

Immense Tech’s all-in-one device, Immense Accurate, provides full scalp coverage with 21 channels of EEG for QEEG mapping and enables real-time neuromodulation using the state of the art hardware and software design. It utilizes high-speed sampling and offers a real-time understanding of brain dynamics. It’s a plug & play device is easy to use via laptop or PC. 

With the participation of patients, clinicians, and scientists, we are able to apply data science techniques to data gathered over many years in order to study patient characteristics, interventions, and outcomes.

To get started with Immense Techs’ game-changing tool, therapists need to record a full scalp brain activity and automatic analysis based on 100 markers and footprints from the literature indicating the most probable disorder patterns and therapy progress.

Afterward, the Stratton Software enables patients to see their real-time brain dynamics in the form of painting and guides them to use the brain self-regulation system to normalize the activity of malfunctioning parts.

“These data-driven approaches and insights aid clinicians to direct individuals in need to the best possible treatments, while at the same time creating a new generation of digital treatments that will ultimately treat patients as effectively as traditional medicine,” explains Miguel. 

Immense Technologies is on a mission to help therapists and their patients get the most out of treatment. Its data-driven insights provide a way to see unseen aspects of a cognitive condition, while its non-pharmaceutical approach offers effective assistive treatment.

Immense Technologies has over five years of experience in the industry and stays on track with its commitment to providing accurate information and innovative solutions that help people rewire their brains.

Those who want to learn more about Immense Technologies and its game-changing data-driven approach to mental health and cognitive conditions may visit the website for more information.

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