The Fluid Metal 3D Etcher Add-On is now on Kickstarter

October 04 09:31 2022
Create metal art and etch PCBs from your desktop with your 3D printer

FluidMetal3D is set to wage a revolution in the metal etching and engraving world. The company has recently launched an innovative metal etching add-on kit for desktop 3D printers that have been uniquely designed to cut, etch, and engrave metal easily yet without the dangers and complexities of regular metal etching methods. Titled “Fluid Metal 3D”, the metal etching add-on-kit is specially designed for hobbyists who are looking for a simple, compact, and economical metal etching or engraving device for home or office.

The Fluid Metal 3 metal etching add-on kit is the brainchild of Dr. Marco Stefancich, a leading physicist and professor backed by years of academic and corporate experience across multiple technology fields.

Per the statements of Dr. Stefancich, the breakthrough Fluid Metal  3D metal etching add-on kit addresses the problems often encountered with traditional metal cutting, etching, and engraving tools and technologies, like laser cutters and CNC machines. Both these machines are expensive, consume a huge amount of space, and can also pose safety issues. These are also extremely demanding when it comes to maintenance. Metalworks can be assigned to a 3rd party company, but that process is both time-consuming and expensive. The same goes for PCB etching for prototypes.

“At Fluid Metal 3D, we are driven by the ethos that metal work must be accessible and affordable to all talented inventors, creators, and hobby crafters. We are excited to bring to you our unique Fluid Metal  3D metal etching add-on kit for 3D desktop printers that has been intelligently designed to help you carry precision metal etching and engraving work easily from the comfort of your home. Unlike regular metal cutting, etching, and engraving machines, our metal etching kit assures a far simpler and safer process while consuming less space and money”, stated Dr. Stefancich.

The Fluid Metal  3D metal etching add-on kit works under the principle of salt-metal etching to achieve utmost precision. But what makes the new kit different from the rest of the salt-water etching methods is that the kit offers the additional advantage of automation of the process and operation without prior surface masking. 

Top features and benefits of Fluid Metal  3D metal etching add-on kit:

  • Cuts and engraves metal with utmost precision with a desktop 3D printer
  • Easy to use 
  • Allows full control over the prototyping process
  • Affordable processing
  • Easy setup
  • Allows to make metal origami
  • No toxic waste
  • Safe to operate and handle

“Our Fluid Metal 3D metal etching add-on kit can work on various things, ranging from metal jewelry to stamped metal antennas to RF Shields to even metal origami. The best part is that the device can be easily used at home without the stress of risky high-heat lasers and without a small fortune. As of now, we are looking forward to starting mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Fluid Metal  3D metal etching add-on kit to life and make metal etching simpler, more affordable, and more interesting than ever.”

To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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