A.Thomas Kozubal Announces the Launch of His New Book

January 12 16:52 2023

Aspiring author A. Thomas Kozubal announces the launch of his new book, Real Revival – The Portrait and Practice of the Spirit-Filled Life, a theological work that sheds new light and reaffirms a timeless truth of Scripture from a different perspective.

According to Kozubal, spiritual revival is the most pressing need in the Body of Christ today. The author has written to reaffirm what spiritual revival is according to Scripture and to encourage the Body of Christ to rediscover the simple truth about what God has to say concerning it. The book aims to identify the eternal truths that historically have, and will never fail, to bring revival to pass.

What makes this book unique is that you will not find other works on spiritual revival referenced in this book, with the exception of the Scriptures. However, it is uncommon to take this tack in the course of writing any theology in this day and age.

A. Thomas Kozubal is a retired U.S. Army Medical Service Corps officer whose service to his nation has taken him to four continents over a period spanning four decades in support of operational missions. He has served during periods of armed conflict from the Gulf War to Operation Enduring Freedom and most recently held a key leadership role in U.S. Army Eastern European Medical Operations. In between periods of Active-Duty military service, Mr. Kozubal has served two Fortune 500 companies in capacities ranging from International Technical Support to Project Management to Personnel Management. His extensive and diversified professional experience extends to both the Public and Private sectors and has provided him the opportunity to partner with people groups and cultures from all over the world in a wide range of endeavors. 

As a Born-Again Christian of over 40 years and Christian author, Mr. Kozubal’s decades-long dedication to the study of Scripture, coupled with a perspective gained from his travels and experiences, affords him a unique Biblical perspective as it relates to Christian living and the issues men and women of all backgrounds face every day. 

His conversational, thought-provoking, and engaging approach to writing and relating to others have helped his teams and colleagues grasp complex and often confusing concepts for over 30 years, and he applies those same hallmarks to his examination and explanation of God’s Word as it relates to daily life. Mr. Kozubal holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Organizational Development from the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, as well as a Master of Arts in Administration(M.A.A.) with a concentration in Organizational Culture from Incarnate Word. 

He graduated with distinction from both programs and was recognized as the Outstanding Student in the M.A.A. program in 2009. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The author is convinced that the Bible itself is its greatest, most accurate, and complete commentary. In other words, Scripture best interprets Scripture. He is convinced that there is much truth in the notion that what God has to say about the affairs of man and the world in which he lives is of far greater importance than what man has to say about them. He believes that a dedicated and systematic study of Scripture on this subject, or any spiritual matter, will surely yield more understanding than any human observation alone can produce. And so, his aim in writing this first book in a Spiritual Realities Trilogy is to simply affirm and explain what God has already stated within the pages of Scripture concerning spiritual revival.

Real Revival – The Portrait and Practice of the Spirit-Filled Life will be hitting all top book publishing platforms in 2023, including Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Press, among many others.

For more information or to get more information from the author, email [[email protected]] or call [719-653-7938].

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