New Jersey Drug Crimes Lawyer Adam M. Lustberg Analyzes the Threshold of Felony Drug Offenses in New Article

September 27 00:41 2023
New Jersey Drug Crimes Lawyer Adam M. Lustberg Analyzes the Threshold of Felony Drug Offenses in New Article

New Jersey drug crimes lawyer Adam M. Lustberg ( of Lustberg Law Offices sheds light on an important and often misunderstood aspect of drug offenses in New Jersey. The comprehensive piece titled “When Does a Drug Offense Become a Felony in NJ?” dives into the intricacies of drug crimes and their classification, providing invaluable information to anyone involved in such cases.

Lustberg, a renowned New Jersey drug crimes lawyer, explains the difference between felonies and lesser offenses, or disorderly persons offenses, in New Jersey. He outlines how the grading of a drug offense can significantly influence the sentence length, which makes it crucial for anyone charged with a drug offense to understand when it escalates to a felony.

In the article, the New Jersey drug crimes lawyer details the factors that determine whether a drug crime is deemed a felony. He states, “The answer to this question is usually determined by a number of different factors, including the type of drug, the quantity or weight of the drug, and certain aggravating factors.”

Lustberg’s article enlightens readers about the basic factors that influence whether a drug crime is categorized as a felony or a lesser offense. He dives into the specifics of drug possession in New Jersey, making it clear that the state doesn’t label drug crimes as misdemeanors or felonies, but rather uses the terms “disorderly persons offenses” and “indictable crimes.”

“The possession of 50 grams or fewer of marijuana, or having up to three doses of a prescription medication without a valid prescription, are the sole drug-related violations that do not qualify as indictable crimes,” Lustberg elaborates.

He also discusses the possibility of dismissing a first-time felony charge, underscoring the importance of a robust defense strategy. The lawyer points out that charges can be dropped after completing a pre-trial intervention program, or if the defense can prove flaws in how the drugs were found.

Providing a useful resource for those entangled in drug-related charges, Lustberg’s article is a testament to his thorough understanding of the law and his commitment to aiding his clients. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking to comprehend the nuances of drug offenses in New Jersey.

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