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July 10 21:57 2017
The overcrowded orphanages of Lithuania present a troubling dilemma for the country. Here to explore this problem and tell a heartwarming story of triumph is the film Sasha Was Here.

Children are a joy. The idea of raising someone, teaching them what is right and wrong and providing the best possible environment, then watching them go out on their own and flourish is an incredibly rewarding prospect. These people represent years of hard work and are a lasting legacy for many people. Therefore, many people have children, thinking only of the positive aspects. Then when reality sets in, that having kids is a difficult and occasionally draining experience, these people give up. The results of scenarios like this are orphans, children who have no parents and are therefore thrust into orphanages and foster care.

These children are often not provided the best opportunities or childhoods, and therefore have a hard time growing up and then adjusting. The obvious solution to this is for people to adopt these children. However, many families never consider adoption. This creates an inequality in the number of kids entering and leaving orphanages and foster care, which has led to an incredibly large number of kids just sitting in the system. Here to explore the effects this phenomenon has upon children as well as the emotional process that comes with adoption is Sasha Was Here, a Lithuanian film that hopes to shed light on this often ignored part of society.

Sasha Was Here is a social drama that focuses on the titular Sasha, a twelve-year-old boy deep within the Lithuanian orphanage system. Left by his father, Sasha knows all too well that he is too old to ever be adopted, a harsh reality for many children within the system. However, this all changes when Jurga and Tomas, a young couple unable to have children of their own, come into the picture. Jurga desperately wants a daughter, so when the couple ends up adopting Sasha, tensions become strained. The rest of the movie deals with this newly joined family as they try to work together and discover what it truly means to be a supportive familial unit. Along the way, they experience pain, joy, and heartbreak, all while exploring the greater issues faced by abandoned children.

With pre-production already completed, only one obstacle stands in the movie’s way: funding. Creating a feature length film is an expensive process, especially on the back end. Therefore, the team behind Sasha Was Here has turned to Kickstarter in order to generate the necessary funds. With reader support, this independent film can reach the public and highlight the issues within the treatment of orphans, all while telling a heartwarming and inspiring story.


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